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   Brand Chef at Blackstone Products

Chef/Host/Producer at www.NathanLippy.TV

Host of “Grill This” on The HUNGRY Channel

 "Between The Bread" Cobblestone Bread Co.

Food Contributor to


I was 8 years old when it happened… I became a foodie. It was a warm Florida spring afternoon when I first “Experienced” flavor. Family friends had a Muscadine Grape vine, which is where I found myself lying on the ground with a t-shirt full of tasty little fruits. I remember the crisp sweet burst of flavor and thinking to myself “This used to be in the dirt, but now its delicious… this is awesome!” As a child, my love affair with flavor was simple, but the older I got, the more I learned about what would eventually become my life. In late 2000, I set off for the Culinary Institute of America, where some of the best chefs in the world taught me the value of individual ingredients, the harmony of perfectly blended flavors and the art of eating. Then, in 2005 something new happened… I became a chef. Since 2005, I have found my passion in teaching about the beauty and simplicity of food. Using the Internet as my digital home, I have hosted and produced culinary content for nearly 5 years. With regular appearances on NBC’s “Daytime” in Tampa, the TODAY show (among other television programs) and numerous Food and Wine Festivals, my career in food is exactly where I hoped it would be. I get to help people understand what I did all those years ago… To eat food is great, but to experience it is totally different.


As a father of two boys, Titus and Gideon, my eyes have been opened up to so many things. The air seems fresher, my food tastes heartier, my wife's kisses are sweeter. Its the strangest thing. My oldest son, Titus loves mango. Watching him savor that natural sweetness for the first time reminds me of that day with the grapevine so many years ago. Watching my boys grow has given me new life and creativity. Seeing them experience things for the first time has reminded me of my foundation and my love of all things delicious and worthy of effort. Family, Food, and Fun...My new motto. 




                                                      "Life is short, Break the rules.

                                                        Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly.

                                                     Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably

                                                       and never regret ANYTHING

                                                             that makes you smile."

                                                                                       -Mark Twain

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